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Meet Boey

My Vision

Family is the base that constructs a person's personality, and parents plays an important role. Parents nowadays can easily get lost in tons of parenting information on the internet and from KOLs, so I choose to support parents by coaching, finding their own ways of parenting, which uniquely fit for children and their family. 


Associated Certified Meta-Coach
NeuroSemantics Trainer

Hi I'm Boey. I'm a Meta-Coach / NeuroSemantics & NLP Trainer / Positive Discipline Parent Educator / a Stay-at-home mom. 

As I grown up in Scouting, I believe that the Scout method training is beneficial for young people, that's why I contribute back to Scouting like what my leaders did. And I see positive changes in young people through different guidance along their 4 years in the troop.

After learning NLP, coaching, and being a mom, I think it could be even more beneficial for next generation if I can reach them earlier. What if I can reach younger kids, and even pre-schoolers? A possible way is through their parents. If parents learn NLP, knowing what to say can help kids to build self-esteem, what to ask can elicit creativity, what to do can unleash potential in  their kids. How fascinating that could be? This is all Knots Coaching is about. 

Let's make it happen, to our highest and best, and for creating a better world. 

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